Hold On A Sec

22 07 2008

Wait … did you just say ‘war’?  War?  What war?  Where?  No, man, that happened already, like—wow, must have been almost seventeen years ago now.  Hm?  No, jeez, yeah, I know it’s confusing in that region, what a fucking hellhole, but trust me, we got out of Iraq like almost two decades ago, so no need to—you really believe what you’re saying, don’t you.  Buddy, there was no reason to go to—okay, so you agree there was no cause to start a war with them, so how would—Huh?  They knew that and they declared war anyway? No, who would be that retarded?  Hah!  Okay, now I know for sure you’re talking about 1991—Bush hasn’t been president for a long time, you know.  Yeah, yeah, Saddam and all that.  I think you’re just a little mixed up, because lately Saddam hasn’t been doing anything, really.  You know that for a fact, do you?  How’s that? Dead?  Hm, first I’ve heard of it.  Ah, those dictators, always dying comfortably on their beds of old age. Hanged?  What the fuck, seriously?  When did that happen?  It’s on fucking YouTube?  That’s not funny, dude.  The troops are in Afghanistan, where the Taliban were based—hello, we’re trying to get the scumbags responsible for 9/11.  America thinks what?  Nobody is that stupid.  Well, maybe some people, but—god, put the pie charts away, I can’t look at those numbers.  You are goddamned sick.  This isn’t possible.  It would have been on the TV news.  President Clinton would have been impeached.  What?  He was??  For WHAT??  And he’s not even president anymore??!  What do you mean we live in a mostly benevolent but deeply fascist state???!! CAN A GOOSE GO OUT DRINKING FOR A COUPLE OF YEARS WITHOUT THE WORLD CRUMBLING DOWN AROUND HIM I MEAN FUCK



The Labyrinth 2.0

17 07 2008

What brutal sprawls of twisted deathmaze encroach on our precious isle of Manhattan!  What beast-infested nooks and crannies where taxis dare not roam!  What great food-trapping beards that outgristle and outgrease any post-coital Minotaur!  What cheap and chokesome wat’ry beers!  What uninspired zombie throngs that barely conceal contempt for opening bands that aren’t half bad!  What bony, unwashed sternums unearthed by plunging V-neck collars!     

Sign marking the condemned’s entrance to their existential Inferno

To think, that even I, Caligula, could find myself in that phantom world of non-dreams and overshopping at Trader Joe’s, merely by falling asleep on the B train en route to Urban Outfitters, is too hellish an ordeal to dwell on. The human disease, thy name is Brooklyn. I shall have to put the episode behind me if I stand any chance of recovery. But the memories of clove-breath and misappropriations of irony, the gnarled syntax and pizza parlor stabbings, will haunt me for a lifetime, nay, into the afterlife.  

To say nothing of the short stories that hold together about as well as a fistful of diarrhea.  


Blissed Connection

12 06 2008

Ever have one of those moments on the subway—after what turned out to be a bitch of a girlfriend dumped you for some seagull that never stops bragging about his trash pile on Coney Island—where you look up from the soggy lip of the crumpled brown bag concealing your bottle of triple sec  and see the most beautiful, supple-necked goose you’ve ever seen, with sparkling obsidian eyes and chest plumage so triumphantly gray that it promises the thunderstorms of the next thousand years, and for some unfathomable reason she is staring not at the lime-flavored drool escaping your beak, not at the bald patch in your left wing that can’t be combed over anymore these days, not at where your ballooning gut touches your cracked foot-webbing, but looks into your very soul for a full soft radiant world of time before the train stops at West 4th street and she hops off, leaving you forever with that untarnished aura of love and longing that melts into the vague memory of what it means to be happy?

“Well fuck that,” I said.  “I’m putting a Missed Connection ad on Craigslist.”

So far this guy is the only response I’ve gotten.

Just to be clear, the soulmate I was reaching out to is not

A) Human

B) A Mexican Wrestler


I might have more luck staying on the C train for the next six months.




What Is The Sound Of 290,000 Veterans Rolling Over In Their Graves?

23 05 2008

To The Caretakers and Groundskeepers of Arlington National Cemetery:

Do you always assume that someone standing around the JFK Eternal Flame with a fire extinguisher is up to something?  Sheesh.  Just trying to lighten the mood—it’s Memorial Day Weekend, not Fat Tourists Pretend To Be Moved Con 2K8!  

You know, I’m glad I was banned from the premises for a year.  Make it life!  I would never have made the trip down to Virginia in the first place if I’d known you’d make American military history so boring—I expected friezes of huge gory battle scenes, maybe a few naked statues representing Fortune and Victory, for eye candy’s sake. Instead I get unimaginative tripe like the “Tomb of the Unknown Soldier” and “Visitor Center.”

All I can say is, any self-respecting risen-from-the-dead soldier would take the curators of this blandarama and render them FUBAR for making their final resting place such a bore.  Sleep, you damned curs, and dream that zombie Robert E. Lee is coming to settle your grits.




P.S. I want my coffin exhuming equipment back.



Memorialize This

22 05 2008

Memorial Day Weekend is more than just an opportunity for brain-dead and liquored up humans to cover the country with dirty blankets and discarded sporks as they chow down on bloody bovine and the less fortunate members of the avian community: it’s the beginning of three and a half months of said grotesque behavior.

I don’t get it, America—summer seems like prime time to sit in your homes, blast the A/C and look up celebrity sex videos on your new MacBooks.  Instead you’re inviting mosquitos into your ears and sweat into your asscracks.  If were up to me, of course, humans would never be allowed outside in the first place.  But I would think you’d get the hint that nature doesn’t want you running around playing frisbee golf in it. Or did you think knocking a squirrel out of a tree with a hard plastic disc was a fitting tribute to our fallen heroes?       

Celebrate those who gave their lives by          sacrificing the dignity of yours






No Encore

1 05 2008

There’s much to be said for the work of Albert Camus, apparently. I’ve had some servants read his stuff and excitedly summarize for me whilst I steam-bathe, and his novels in particular—The Stranger, The Plague—have mildly stimulated my formidable and overactive imagination, which is really the most I can ask for. I didn’t care much for the play that was just “three people stuck in a room together, making each other miserable.” “That sounds like Hell,” I remarked to the summarizing servant. “Exactly! It is!” he shouted back. Well, no one makes mock of Caligula that way, so I had the insolent boy drawn and quartered.

What was the point of all—oh yes. So it seems an early Camus piece for the stage, bearing my name and loosely based on my admittedly theatrical life, is seeing a resurgence of popularity. As well it should, if only for its subject.  And yet…perhaps I would have less of a problem with dramatists and their ilk riding my coattails if I were acknowledged as the coat-wearer. At the Washington Shakespeare Company last summer, they laughed, laughed at my audition for the part of myself. “Just too over the top” were their words. Well fuck you, I was nervous.

Funny, I don’t remember this poorly staged scene from my life.

It is for that humiliation alone—not the manifold historical inaccuracies, heresies, and libel contained therein—that I am calling for a boycott of this play. It brings me no joy to spurn a work of art that owes me everything. But then again, I do love seeing actors starve.


Caligula’s DreamLog #2: Somebody Pinch Me

21 04 2008

Because where else could such an inspired notion be borne out but my naughty dreams? In this case, my somnolent fantasy was not so rich in detail or plot as it was sodomy-heavy. It happens. Anyhoo, something struck me about the encounter: here I was copulating with a skinny man. Normally I am given to the meatier type—as much as pleasure and pain belong together, pointy hips leave me with bruised buttocks and thighs, which can greatly sap my otherwise bull-like endurance. And though the coitus here was prolonged and rough, of the kind designed to draw blood, my body, though delicate from a life of luxury, felt no pain or injury. At first I thought it was a function of the dream’s illogic, but gradually, preceding the dreamgasm, I became aware of a garment this handsome devil was wearing:

The miraculous fuck-padding device (dickhole not pictured)

What to my joy should I discover upon subsequent internet search but the very extreme form-fitting shorts he had on, marketed to the extreme snow sport crowd—they existed after all! Possibly it was a visual mindscrap held over from my last visit to the Alps. In any event, you can bet that I ordered a dozen pairs and will be making the necessary alterations for “easy access.”